Hello, TelcoSeek friends! The biggest reason we sometimes see our client calls spike is when the internet goes down. And nowadays no one has the patience to live without Home Internet or Business Internet. Here then we share some tips to help solve this problem.

  1. Verify that the problem is not caused by interruptions in the network. Several internet providers give you access to an application to be able to receive notifications when the problem exists in your area and not just in your home. This application will inform you of the interruption of your service and an estimated time to return to normal.
  2. If there are interruptions in the network do not reset your modem until your internet service is already working and only when it is necessary.
  3. If there are no interruptions in the network then you will reset your modem. If you cannot find the small button normally on the bottom or back of your modem then disconnect it from the electricity and wait a few minutes to reconnect it. This step usually solves 80% of the problems with the internet connection.
  4. Make sure all cables are perfectly plugged in and have not been bitten by your pet. Check that all the fuses are working properly.
  5. If you need to stay connected to the internet, find out if your internet provider offers you free connection to hot spots near you.
  6. Make sure your WIFI is consistent and not failing. You can reset the modem and the devices you have connected to your modem. This will start the WIFI connection between them again.
  7. Verify that your invoice payments are up to date or that the automatic payment card has funds and the expiration date has not expired. This could cause your internet service to be interrupted.
  8. Have your provider’s technical support number handy, as well as your account number in case you need to dial for additional assistance.
  9. Some providers sell you technical assistance services, but at Fontera this service is completely free.

 We hope that these tips will help you to reconnect your home or business wifi and get back up and running ASAP. If you need more assistance, do not hesitate to contact the TelcoSeek team where we not only help you with technical problems, but you will also find the best internet speeds in your area at the best price!