Helpie FAQ

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  • I prefer to call the carrier directly
    You can spend a whole day calling multiple carriers, checking different websites and newspaper advertisements, and you could still miss out on some of TelcoSeek's special deals. Why waste your time when one call gets you all the deals and offers, plus some you can't find anywhere else?
  • Concierge-level Service Probably Comes with an Extra Charge
    There is no charge for TelcoSeek's services. We get paid by the carriers that prefer to focus on what they do best, building their networks and products, while we focus on what we do bes, provide quality service.
  • It's easier to just order online
    Yes. And we are the only ones online to have an agent-to-customer advanced ordering system! Custom quotes, on-the-spot activations, and much more from one of our agents. Press the phone button on the bottom right to get started and give the newest web technology a whirl.
  • I already have service
    Yes, and we may be able to beat it and save you money. There are no obligations, and no risks, when you go through a Bill Review with one of our agents.